Podcast first episode will be available soon

First email!

We’ll be live soon!

Hey guys,

if you are receiving this is because you express interest at some point in my podcast MicroSaas Makers.

I started interviews back in March 2023.

I then got busy building memify.io (which is finished). That’s a little pet project to create memes using AI. I did that to practice building in public.

Anyway, that’s now out of the way and I want to focus a bit on my podcast to really research for the best ways to find profitable Digital Product Ideas and perfect Marketing techniques.

During the build in public experience I met a lot of great folks that were not necessarily making software (SaaS)

But they were solving the same issue.. finding an audience… with an urgent problem.. and then creating a solution for them.

So I decided to broad the name of the podcast a bit to Digital Product Makers

And that’s why you are getting this email today.

We are going to live soon with the first episode soon!

I’m still figuring out how things work with Spotify, Apple, etc..

So I’ll announce more in the new couple of days.

This is supposed to be a bi directional thing so feel free to hit reply and say whatever you want to say

Let’s see where this takes us..